WW II Warbird pictures archive    check out some of the  pictures and video of air shows I been to. See pictures of 1 of 2 flying B-24 Liberators in the world. 

Jo's 68 Mustang Hard Top   Nice car check it out.

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Check out Pa's state parks


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Welcome to my NEW den. 

Well I see you found my little corner of the Internet. You must be lost then


Over 60 new wall papers for you to have. Pictures of cats and landscapes and waterfalls

   I see I have not been updating this page a lot as of late. Life has been to busy. For one thing I met my soul mate and we got married  in May 31 2007. We have been together for 2 years before we tied the knot. And were did we meet? On a internet dating service. Yep you read that right. We met on www.match.com. And I can not be happier. She is great. After we got married we found a small 48 acre farm. With luck down the line we can get the 80 acres behind us, maybe more.  You can see pictures of it here The-Farm I'm not happy about moving into a trailer, but that is were we will live until we can build a house on top of the hill. If you like to meet my wife then go to her website. www.cynthiaqueen.com  

Bobcat video And pictures!!! 

My little she wolf and I were on the back roads of Pa, when we saw a bobcat on the side of the road. She took some pictures and I got about 30sec of video. Also my she wolf published her 1st book, The Major's Renegade. And to honest, I find it to be a enjoyable book to read. She also told me she needed her own space here at my den. So stop on by her part of the den and check out what she has to show you. C-Queens-Corner 

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Question: What do you get when you mix the cavalry with one x-gunfighter, one black-mailing female, one castaway orphan, one hot -tempered cougar, two love-struck horses and a crooked general running three forts under the very nose of the U.S. government?   Answer:  A hilarious opportunity for a catastrophe!

    This full length adventure is free from obscenities and pornographic content so the whole family can enjoy it.